Brisbane Storage Facilities with Storage Modules and Shipping Containers

Brisbane Removals and Storage offers a very secure, dust-free, wind & water-tight storage facility consisting of a storage shipping container for your furniture, household belongings and personal effects. There is really no minimum storage charge period as it is calculated on a daily or weekly basis with your move. You pay only for the time you have your goods with us. We have very competitive rates with long term storage.

When you combine our removals and storage services at Brisbane Removals and Storage you will benefit in a number of ways:

  • We use plywood storage modules as well that hold approx 10 cubic metres. Stored indoors they are dust-proof, light-proof vermin proof and offers a stable storage temperature that is consistent with all home goods and furnishings
  • All goods are individually wrapped when we pack for you. Where necessary, we use as well, plastic-covers for mattresses and lounge suites to ensure clean and worry-free storage.
  • The wooden modules are stacked to ensure adequate air-movement also to prevent moisture inside our modern warehouse.
  • Need to sort through your items? We have our professional staff on-site to assist you in moving things around anytime.
  • When time comes on the day you want your storage delivered or have everything returned, we can easily load the truck and meet you at your new place.
  • We’ll take a full inventory of the items when pack for you or collect and store for you, so you’ll have an itemised list to check when we deliver.
  • Controlling everything that comes into our facility is a must. You can also assured that there are no corrosive chemicals, rodent attracting foodstuffs, or prohibited items being stored next to your belongings.
  • If wooden pods are not your go or are a bit small, your goods can be stored in modern shipping containers, featuring undercover storage and 7-day security. See our sitemap for our shipping container storage article.