Furniture Removals in Brisbane Made Simple

When moving or relocating, the need for a professional furniture removals company is a must, but where do you start?

Google “Removals and Storage Brisbane“? Phone book ? Local directories? Local paper? Whichever way you go, always move with a AFRA member (Australian Furniture Removals Association).
You can be assured of the best quality service with Brisbane Removals and Storage, your local Brisbane AFRA member.

Be Assured, this is what you get when you book with us, the Brisbane?professional furniture removalists:

  • Fast service at first contact whether it be phone or email.
  • A fast and efficient personal firm quote from our administration department based on your removalist?s quote whether it be an hourly rate or fixed.
  • You have your own contact or representative within the company.
  • Pre-packing can be arranged with our quality packing employees within the company. You know your personal items will be packed properly (no ring-in?s).
  • Your quoted price will be rock solid on your move. Remember we are working for you.
  • Confirm all details of your move in writing before moving day.
  • All adjustments and sundries will be noted prior to arrival.
  • On the day of relocation, we arrive on the time stated by your representative. We always arrive on time.
  • On the day, we take expert care in packing your belongings on to the truck.
  • Help you at your new address on placement of your goods
  • Contact you later to ensure that everything went to plan and were happy and to get an opinion of our services.

Overview On Moving

Moving house consists of packing and transporting sometimes thousands of different objects, each of different value, shape and size, from one location to another. Also sometimes the stress of selling your home or buying and renting houses, well, it?s no wonder that people often give little time to thinking exactly what will or will not be moved to their new home.

Thats why we would like you to consider the following as to make it easy for you:

  • Contact us as early as possible or at least up to one month prior before you hope to move even if you don?t know exactly the time of the big day is.
  • We will tell you exactly what we have to offer and the areas you need to think about. This way you can plan your time and concentrate on the essentials.
  • Packing is not expensive. We use a range of appropriate packing materials and employ fully trained staff who will pack your things professionally, swift and safely during the course of prepacking.
  • Agree to a time and programme with us and then commit it to writing. This will guarantee our commitiment. Give as much notice as possible, as both sides need time for planning.