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Starter Pack

At Brisbane Removals and Storage we want you to have the best packing essentials so with each move, when you make a booking, we give you a free starter pack which includes 6 tea chest boxes, 6 book boxes, and a roll of tape to get you packing.

All our packaging is of good quality and it gives you an idea of what to use.
Boxes, tape and packing paper can be obtained our Darra Queensland storage facility.
All boxes that we supply are 2 ply and very strong for those heavier items.
These boxes can be used over and over again.

The book boxes or cartons are very sturdy and as named are suitable for books, records, DVD s and smaller heavier items.
Our packing tape is of high quality and super sticky so you won’t have bottoms of boxes falling out on you while moving.

Ask us about packing by phoning or drop us an email to discuss.

free starter pack

Large Boxes
Size: (860mm x 430mm x 420mm)
Use for: larger items – not too heavy. Some examples are use for kitchen utensils, crockery, clothes, shoes, kids toys & linen
Try to avoid filling your packing cartons with heavy items, as this makes them difficult to move. This can also make your packing cartons weak with chances of splitting – don’t risk your valuables by cutting corners.

Small Boxes
Size: (300 x 370 x 280)
Extra thick cardboard to protect fragile items.
Ideal for heavy items such as CDs and DVDs, office documents, books and records.