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Looking for a temporary or permanent home storage solution?

At Brisbane Removals and Storage have storage facilities and services to suit everyone’s  needs.

Our container moving trucks drop your container to your door, pack it and take it to your new address. We can place it on your property in a convenient position for loading and unloading anytime.

Friendly staff and professional administration means you will be delighted with our service and facilities in Brisbane.

We are committed to providing our clients with cost effective storage solutions, big or small.

Your belongings are important, this is why we offer safe, secure and affordable storage options for you.

If your thinking of storage for a couple of days, a couple of months, or even a couple of years, we have the most revolutionary, cost effective storage available, bar none.

Our storage facilities at Darra which provide storage and shipping containers, serves a wide variety of purposes besides furniture and equipment storage.

The shipping container can act as sometimes an addition to office space — complete with customized windows, electricity, air conditioning and heating. At Brisbane Removals and Storage refrigerated containers can be used for event planning or can also serve as shelters for the SES for full protection from storms and high winds.

Brisbane Removals and Storage shipping containers serve a number of other purposes as well, including flat storage, equipment storage, tool sheds, portable offices, farm machinery, feed and lunch rooms, mini storage buildings, shipping containers, emergency response, maintenance buildings, mobile generator or pump housing, office file storage room, welding shops, warehouse space, one-way containers, and portable buildings.

Brisbane Removals and Storage will provide you a no obligation quote to meet your storage container requirements. You’re welcome to call to discuss your specific ideas and storage container needs. For a free quote, go to our home page or visit us at our storage facilities …. We are located at 2554 Ipswich rd Darra, about 25 minutes from Brisbane.

Standard Shipping Containers (General Purpose)

Shipping Containers are by their very nature “Standard” or GP ( General Purpose). The design is regulated by ISO (International Standards Organisation).
Containers “standardised” carriage of freight, starting from the 1950’s and really took hold in the 1960’s. But like almost everything that if there is a standard, there are variations. Container sizes are usually defined by the length (external dimensions) e.g. 20ft or 40ft. The other variant is the height, most commonly 8ft 6ins but with 9ft 6ins becoming much more common with the high cube container. The width is generally 8ft but can also be 2.5m. Mixing of measurements between imperial feet and inches and metric is common when discussing containers. Weight capacities are also standard but with some variations. The information here is intended to give guidance which will help when considering one of the almost infinite applications for a standard shipping container.

Hi Cube Shipping Containers

The 20’ x 9’6” shipping container has dimensions of 20 feet long exterior, and 7’9″ x 8’10” interior. For alternative shipments, the standard 40’ container has a tare weight of approximately 8,750 lbs. with a max gross weight of approximately 67,000 lbs. and a cubic capacity of 2,350 cu ft. It has lockable double doors on one end and is equipped with 1-1/8″ inch thick marine plywood flooring on the interior. Shipping containers are great for storing home contents and products that need to stay dry and secure, it is important to know exactly what container to use for the job. Containerisation has grown and the 40ft shipping container has become the standard for any job and commercial site storage solution. Shipping containers are the solution and the way of the world. It is how we get our goods shipped in and out of the country and stops double handling to your contents. If you need it moved, we still recommend the 20ft Hi cube for its easy moving capabilities.
Call us to discuss your needs.

Short or long term storage – check our super prices!!

Brisbane Removals and Storage has secure containerised storage boxes at all of our locations including Brisbane, Newcastle, Port Stephens and a list of agents Australia wide that can store as well. In essence, we cater for storage in transit whilst you are between homes for both local and interstate relocations, or overseas moves. Permanent storage on a medium – long term basis is a main part of our service, looking after you while you are overseas and for storage whilst you are planning or perhaps building or renovating, or maybe because you have simply run out of room! Our rates are competitive with every other self storage company, as we base our pricing on the volume of the items stored, in some situations and other times how big you need the storage unit.

Containerised Storage

Containerised storage minimises the handling of your goods with the option of having a container being loaded directly at your house (access permitting). This reduces double handling and saves you money. This also challenges the traditional storage methods for household goods through efficiency and security. You can even add your own padlock or a container seal for additional security.

Secure Facilities

Our modular facilities are a great way for smaller storage arrangements. All modulars are stored under cover at our Darra Branch. All our Containers and Modulars are safe and secure. We will provide an economic solution to your short or long term storage needs for domestic and household goods as well as commercial, industrial and construction materials and equipment. Our goal as usual is to provide you with the best possible storage solution that will meet your needs and providing a quality service at competitive prices.

Containers for Hire and Sale

Brisbane Removals and storage can supply 20 ft and 40ft shipping containers for hire and sale to customers that require safe, secure short term or long term storage on your own site from as little as $3-00 per day. We can arrange easy and cost effective transport for delivery of your container.